Studio Group FItness.

Coorparoo Studio.

Getting into group fitness is the key to empowering your fitness goals and transforming your body.

Why work out alone when you can train with a group of like-minded people, helping each other reach new personal bests and having fun in the process.

Come and try a wide range of group fitness classes to focus on each aspect of your personal fitness, all based in our dedicated and conveniently-located Coorparoo Studio. Building a better you has never been easier.

If you’re looking for something new and want the perfect mix of Strength and High-Intensity Conditioning to get FAST results, this is where it’s at. Perhaps you want to learn to lift and incorporate weights into your program, but find commercial gyms intimidating.


Whatever your goals, FIT360 Movement's group fitness classes, including and Strength & Conditioning and Metabolic Conditioning 45 will get you the results you’re after. With our qualified personal trainers on hand to guide you through each group fitness class, you’ll learn new and effective ways to work every part of your body to achieve the results you want.

"Invigorate your training with constantly varied group fitness"

Getting involved in an active group fitness community is just the thing to get you out of your rut and into new and challenging areas of fitness. Working with our trainers and your fellow group fitness class members, you’ll be inspired to come to class, work hard and improve on your own personal best in each session. And with access to eight different classes touching on all areas of fitness, with heaps of variation in each class from week to week, you’ll never get bored of group fitness.

Our core group fitness classes run out of our dedicated indoor studio in Coorparoo, Brisbane. The studio is fully equipped with squat & pull up racks, barbells, dumbbells, ropes, sleds, hammers, kettlebells, tyres and more: everything you need for a great workout.


Our Benefits.

Highly Motivating

Making friends and helping each other get the most out of your workout: a fun and motivating group fitness atmosphere for everyone.

Infinitely Variable

Eight different group fitness classes, with new exercises and challenges every week: never a dull moment at the Studio.




$ 44.90

✔ Unlimited Group Fitness. 27 classes based around strength and conditioning principles, designed to get results FAST!

✔ Open Gym. Private use of our Coorparoo gym. Monday – Thursday 5am - 7.15pm, Friday 5am - 6.15pm & Saturday 6am-9am

✔ Inbody scans Bi-Monthly. Using the Inbody app, you will be able to monitor your progress and get an accurate snap shot over time to measure against your goals.

✔ Monthly Nutritional Q and A, Bi-Monthly Nutritional consults in house with us and Seminars 3 x per year minimum

✔ 8 week challenges 3 x per year. Start of year, mid-year and end of year. Our next challenge starts in February of 2020.