Stronger for Life.

Our programs are designed to develop strength, build confidence, and increase energy to allow you to become Stronger. For. Life.
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At FIT360 we take a balanced and sustainable approach to improving your health.

Our philosophy is based around consistency of the fundamentals that allow us to develop strength, build confidence, and increase energy to become Stronger. For. Life

It’s a commitment towards building a stronger body, healthier mind and a better life.

There are four unique training programs available at the FIT360 studio.

Each one designed with a specific intention that will allow you to make every session count towards achieving your goal.

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As FIT360 each program and all sessions have purpose! Programs are based around strength and conditioning principles that are progressive, focused on improvement and tailored towards your own unique goals.


Memberships designed to work around you and your unique goals. Book in a consultation to speak to one of our head coaches about what program best suits your needs.